Aqueous Guard

When protecting trains there is no room for compromise.

That’s why train operators and maintainers trust Aqueous Guard, a high performance, innovative ceramic clear-coat that is designed to protect hard surfaces
in the harshest of conditions.

The Benefits
  • Long lasting hard surface protection
  • Suitable for external and internal use
  • Surface is repellent to dirt, grime, chemicals
  • Withstands attack from all known graffiti types
  • Reduces cleaning and train wash frequency and associated costs
  • Enhances the appearance of painted and vinyl wrapped surfaces without affecting the finish
  • Operational after 12 hours from a single coat application
  • Provides a high gloss finish to enhance paint finishes
  • Can be removed with formulated gel, no sanding required
Operational after 12 hours from a single coat application
Eliminates hand cleaning and polishing to remove dirt, grime and graffiti

Suitable for polished, non-absorbent surfaces such as two-component paints, GRP, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, powder-coated and laminated surfaces.

As the coating provides a high gloss finish, “hand bashing” and polishing of carriages is often no longer required meaning just a simple clean is needed. This increases the efficiencies of the maintenance crews by them spending less time working on and around the carriages.

The Results

The left side of this train door was treated with Aqueous Guard, enabling the total removal of graffiti.

The right side of the door shows the residual staining left by graffiti even after the use of solvents.

Watch the Aqueous Guard Video to learn more