For the Routes and Regions

Our Solution

Our proposition for the Routes and Regions has been developed by Unipart Rail over the last 20 years and is a smarter and proven way of providing all of the materials that support maintenance and operation of our infrastructure.

Our approach enables Network Rail to focus on their core objective of “Putting Passengers First”.

The unique suite of services provide the resources to plan, supply and manage the materials and tooling requirements including their timed and kitted delivery to the point of use.

And because our service is Modular, you can benefit from the parts that best fit with your needs now, and allow the relationship to develop with extra services as our engagement grows.

This experience is underpinned by a continuous improvement culture and working in close collaboration with the customer to provide improved levels of material availability, greater effectiveness of the maintenance teams and reduced operational costs.

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Supply Chain Solutions

For more than 20 years we’ve partnered many of the best known names in world rail to carefully manage material availability, create bespoke designed solutions and to deliver highly valued rail industry support. 

Technology & Product Solutions

From new parts manufactured in house, to the servicing and overhaul of rail equipment, to third party products supplied and serviced alongside our supply chain partners, we’ve all you need.

The Elements of our Solution

Our experience in delivering complex railway supply chains enables us to be agile and nimble in deploying new solutions as challenges emerge for our solutions.

For the Routes and regions we have crafted a solution that brings together three elements into a harmonious and effective system:

Supply Chain Agility

Customers of Unipart Rail don’t have products delivered to them. They receive a supply chain solution. This is made of elements such as:

Kitted material packages – all the products required to complete a specific task together in one pallet. No missing parts, no delayed possessions.

Timed & targeted deliveries – you don’t need to hold the stock – we will deliver the materials ‘just in time’ for the works delivery.

Basket of Goods – an agreed, designated range of materials that we will hold in consigned stock for you. Stock that you only pay for when you use it. Peace of mind that you will receive the materials you need, 100% OTIF.

Condition Based Monitoring

As we continue to deploy Instrumentel’s sensor technology into track-side assets, we are are building increasing complex pictures of the infrastructure, In itself, this can lead to data overload, but though our intelligent Paradigm Insight software we compare millions of pieces of data every second to deliver insights into asset performance and condition, enabling you to respond with an appropriate intervention.

And because Paradigm Insight looks not just at the single asset, but also the perform of other assets & systems and environmental factors such as passing rail vehicles, temperature and precipitation, the information enables the effective targeted activity.

Effective Planning and Sourcing

Using your own systems and processes, as well as data from Paradigm Insight, you can provide us with a bill of materials that we will then source. Covering tens of thousands of products, we have the most comprehensive catalogue of materials available. This is because we have relationships with hundreds of businesses in the industry and can source quickly from many locations. We also hold stocks of the most commonly used materials and, when working closely with our customers, we can develop the supply chain to avoid ‘peaks and troughs’ in supply.

And when you’re ready to grow, we’ll grow with you.  With a range of depot management and supply chain services, we can optimise your costs, reduce your risk and increase performance – the Unipart Way.

Data Protection

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