For Train Operating Companies

Multiple Train Operating Solutions for Multiple Service Stakeholders.

Passenger train operators face the challenge of delivering safe and reliable train services, enhancing customer experience, growing revenues and managing costs.

Key to maximising train availability and utilisation is the effective and efficient management of the train fleet and associated maintenance operations.

The challenges faced by train operators include:

    New Supply Chain efficiencies for Train Operating Companies

    The supply chain has a significant impact on a train operating company’s ability to meet these challenges. It does though present challenges of its own:

      Why you should use Unipart Rail?

      We have numerous successful long term relationships with train operating companies. Close, collaborative partnerships with TOCs who rely on Unipart Rail to keep their trains running. We have also developed an intimate understanding of the rail industry, train operators, rolling stock, the products and technology they use and the supporting supply chain.

      Unipart Rail’s service is underpinned by significant investment in processes, systems and a team specialising in new product development, customer service, supplier management and engineering. Our dedicated engineering team ensures supplied products are safe and meet both standards and legislative requirements.

      Continual innovation and investment in people and systems sees us lead in the development of the Condition Based Supply Chain to deliver new train operator and maintenance operations efficiencies.

      Case Studies...

      SmartServe Solution

      Freightliner approached Unipart Rail as
      they were opening a new depot and were
      looking for an innovative solution that would support their maintenance activities.
      Unipart Rail’s SmartServe solution provides
      a flexible and scalable solution that can be
      fine-tuned to customer requirements.

      As part of the biggest tram depot redevelopment in Melbourne’s history, Unipart Rail and Unipart Expert Practices worked together to provide full support during the transformation of the site.

      Yarra Trams

      Unipart Rail have increased the efficiency
      and effectiveness of South West Train’s stores, enabling them to improve their service to production and reducing visits to the stores
      by 54%.

      South West Trains
      Lean Depot Stores