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Technology and Product Solutions for Rail Infrastructure,
Signalling and Rolling Stock

Unipart Rail - a wealth of world class rail products and technologies across infrastructure, signalling, rolling stock and train operations.

From new parts manufactured in house, to the servicing and overhaul of rail equipment, to third party products supplied and serviced alongside our supply chain partners, we have all you need. Trusted the world over we already supply many of the world’s leading rail companies and are the preferred route to market for the best known names in rail equipment.

Less a question of whether we can help – more a question of how.

Overhaul & Repair


Asset Management Circle

Asset Management

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What We Offer

High quality, industry compliant products delivered where you need them, when you need them, and in the format required.  Products that help you get the job done punctually, professionally and profitable.  Products and parts backed by our safety and quality assurance processes, technical support and warranty, and supply chain services. 

Optimised Delivery of materials – the products you need, when you need them, where you need them, in the format you need them. Off-site buffer stocks and accurate demand forecasting deliver products as required. Format planning means they’re delivered as required including pre assembled, modular, plug and play and kit options.

Safety and Incident Management – a turnkey Safety & Incident Management service means that we can quickly identifying parts and supply chain failure to manage risk and handle challenging technical issues. The sooner they’re identified, the sooner they can be resolved.

Engineering Product Support – perfectly placed between supplier and client we offer enormous value in thorough and ongoing technical support, project management and product improvement services. Support that boosts product reliability, quality, and quickly identifies innovative product improvements.

Product Innovation – we work with academic and industrial partners to bring new innovation to the rail sector. Commercially viable technology and processes all designed to deliver against the four Cs – customers, cost, carbon and capacity.

Warranty and Reliability Management – efficient warranty and reliability processes that save money, increase availability and improve your network performance.

Quality and Risk Management  essential engineering change and control systems for high-risk products and services. Using proven systems and risk reduction activities we apply a complete process for determining and resolving quality concerns.


Asset Management – not only can we provide rail products our Condition Based Maintenance, Overhaul and Repair, Obsolescence Management and Asset Recovery significantly improves asset lifecycle management.

Why work with Unipart Rail?

We address the challenges of the rail industry across the asset life cycle by working collaboratively with our partners to deliver technology and supply chain solutions that improve performance, reduce risk and optimise cost.

Perhaps it’s the fact that we’ve invested and continue to invest so heavily in people, in systems and infrastructure, the service centres and customer and supplier distribution networks to keep you, efficient and effective.

Maybe it’s because of our deep and broad rail sector knowledge. Or that we have an intimate understanding of railway equipment, of compliance, of railway standards and the necessary legal and safety requirements.

It could be because we understand the regulatory environment, the importance of high industry safety standards and can help you deliver to your customers with absolute confidence.

In reality though, it’s a combination of all these important, industry essential factors.

Non-negotiables that see us work in close collaboration with suppliers and customers to deliver the quality and consistency you deserve.

Every component specified correctly. Every component to standard. Every component supported.

Overhaul & Repair