Projects Cell hosts 2 more Atkins Graduates on Placement

Following the success of our first cohort of Graduates from Atkins in 2023, a further two have been working in our Projects Cell at Unipart Rail, Crewe, in order to gain valuable experience in the building, wiring, and installation of REBs (Relocatable Equipment Buildings) and LOCs (Location Cases). 

Both Graduate Engineers were looking for practical experience on the process of taking location cases and REBs from drawings to reality. They also wanted to be more aware of the commonly faced difficulties for the production team that they would not anticipate or appreciate in their typical project work. They have recently completed an 8 week placement, which has been a really positive experience. 

Archer Zhang, Atkins Graduate, commented “I have been working on the NDL REBs, LOCs building and wiring 2 location cases and an Atkins REB, learning the details of design and how to install practically – the training was focussed on detail and installation.”

Kazi Ashraf, Atkins Graduate, commented “I have been working on a mixture of LOCs and REBs. My trainer always took the time to explain the best way to work. I have been wiring and terminating and have been taught why things need doing. I always got good answers to all of my questions, it has been a really positive experience.”

Kieron Williams, Projects Cell Production Manager, commented “It’s been really good to have the Atkins Graduates here, they have worked really hard, learnt a lot regarding building and wiring and why we do certain things, thank you. We look forward to further placements in 2024.”