Unipart Rail’s New Manufacture team has successfully delivered the Selhurst REB upgraded manufacture

Through collaborative working with Network Rail the team understood the customers needs and limitations of the projects and with their decades of REB design & manufacture experience have been able to work with the 1987 drawings which were supplied as part of the contract of works / project brief.

The manufacturing competency and integrity of the team ensured they were able to deliver a credible design for manufacture within the very short 8 week lead time.

The aged 1987 design drawings were scrutinised through the “red & green method for changes” process to ensure wherever possible new technologies replaced old and modern manufacturing techniques were implemented, this resulted in 420 pages of drawings being amended to bring the original design up to the current specification and quality standards expected today.

  • Circuitry design that was incorrect was corrected and the team also advised and assisted with the design rack layout
  • The REB was too small to hold the volume racks required so the team adapted the layout plan to ensure all the equipment racks were able to be installed with sufficient lighting
  • On-site 3A verification testing was undertaken within a 3 week time frame to ensure that the REB was successfully delivered for the handover date and in time for the possession booking
  • 601 relays were re-serviced by the Relay team at Crewe & delivered back for installation into the REB
  • 25 km of wire was used within the REB where each wire was manually terminated
  • The overall installation included various types of equipment such as relays, relay bases, transformers and telecoms equipment

The overall success of this critical piece of maintenance work capitalised upon the deeply embedded knowledge of the team working on the project, their flexible working and their commitment to delivering a current design specification standard REB based on 30 year old design & technology drawings.