It's not rocket's space engineering.


What are your storage and transit issues that need a                                                  new approach to solve?



Unipart Rail have teamed up with specialist engineers Ferrartis Group Ltd to provide a unique combination of resources to identify and build holistic solutions for storage and transit requirements that will save costs, space and environmental impact.


Together, the two companies can provide a comprehensive design-based approach to tackle storage, lifting, transportation and operational issues that require simple but effective solutions.


With an agile project team, ideas can be created, developed and prototyped in a few weeks with the final solution being available for manufacture in significantly reduced timescales compared to traditional engineering development processes.


A World First Innovation - The Titan Motorised Bogie stack system, which allows for wheel rotation in situ, preventing brinelling of the bearings.

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The Ferrartis products offer the following benefits:


  • Reduction of storage and transit space, environmental impact and costs


  • Increased asset safety and protection


  • Optimisation of the end to end journey with short term pay-backs


  • Localised manufacture option to reduce transit costs


Reduction in

Storage Costs

Security of Shipment

Reduction in

Labour Costs

Extra Warehouse Space

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