Innovative solutions and equipment for global railway construction, maintenance and repair projects,
designed to improve performance and productivity by ensuring quality, reliability and safety.

Unipart Rail is working in partnership with Thomson Engineering Design, manufacturers of specialised equipment for rail renewals and repairs and the premier supplier of attachments for Road Rail Vehicles.

By working in collaboration, we can improve the performance of customer operations, providing a complete suite of innovative solutions for global maintenance and repair projects, including removal, installation and renewals.

The extensive range of equipment is designed to fit with almost all existing global based Road Rail Vehicles (RRVs) and rail based equipment, and can be modified to fit within an existing range, offering complete flexibility.


An unrivalled range of innovative rail handling, manipulation and storage solutions for global operations, designed and manufactured for durability, reliability and safety.

All attachments can be supplied with custom built adaptor systems, making them suitable for any host machine.


An extensive range of specialist equipment for handling, laying, loading and aligning sleepers and bearers.

We provide products for every type of sleeper and deliver flexible solutions to suit a wide range of different rail gauges, axle load ratings and rail fastening systems.


Pioneering and innovative solutions for track panel handling, designed to improve safety and performance.

Unique solutions for both single point and tandem lifting of track panels, suitable for use with the main types of global excavators, cranes and machines.


A specialist range of equipment for clipping and de-clipping including the industry standard Mk3 Fastclip Machine, the fastest and most efficient sleeper lifting device in it’s class.

Special purpose clipping machines can also be designed to suit customer requirements.


A range of solutions for handling Ballast Trackbed, laying geotextiles and trackbed marking, designed for long term, heavy-duty operations to substantially improve efficiency and productivity.


Cable storage, handling and laying equipment for use in both the rail and construction sectors, proven to minimise handling time and maxmise output.


A selection of innovative platforms, ramps and barriers, providing fast and efficient on and off tracking of vehicles, and for safely marking exclusion zones and work site limits.


Specialist products for manipulating and replacing signalling equipment during renewals and maintenance operations.


The TD15 Threader Dragger is a unique solution to the handling of long welded rails.

Combining a Rail Foot Thimble with a hydraulic Drag Clamp the TD15 can drag and thread both running rails and conductor rails without having to change attachments.

The device can also be used to ‘pick and place’ rails and to lift and load short rail sections.

With a rated pull capacity of 10,000kgf and a lift capacity of 2,000kg the TD15 Threader Dragger is designed and built for a long working life.


The HDRB18-01 Rail Beam has been designed as an attachment for materials handlers, excavators and hydraulic cranes working in rail storage yards and other heavy-duty applications.

This top-of-the-line rail handling beam incorporates a full suite of features to make its operation as simple and as safe as possible including automatic locking of the grab jaws when the beam is lifted, and pressure control to cope with connection to almost any host machine.


The RT10 Universal Rail Thimble supports and manipulates long welded rail using four rollers running under the rail head.

This thimble’s design means that it can work with any fl at bottom running rail without any adjustments being required. Rail does not need to be lifted onto blocks to allow the thimble to begin work.

A key feature of the RT10 is the well guarded hydraulic cylinder which prevents damage in rough use.


A truly universal rail thimble for threading all types of flat bottom rail including both running rail and conductor rail sections.

The hydraulic cylinders allow the Rail Foot Thimble to grip the base of the rail section securely and to guide it accurately into place.

A special mechanism automatically withdraws the rollers a precise amount as the rail is lifted to ensure smooth running.


Designed for use with excavators and lorry mounted cranes, the RHB16 Rail Handling Beam is specifi cally intended for use in rail delivery operations.

The unique design of the jaws allows rails to be stacked foot-to-foot to maximise load capacity on trucks and rail wagons. A parachute valve prevents inadvertent dropping of the load but this can be overridden if used to load scrap rail into bins.

The heavy duty construction includes a six-tonne capacity rotator and an all-steel heavy section frame.


The Multi Rail Handler is designed for the lifting of packs of rails in bulk deliveries.

The twin hitch points – each fitted with a safety bow shackle – allow the device to handle part loads. Manual, pneumatic and hydraulic versions are available.

Multi Rail Handlers can be made to suit any rail section including conductor and grooved rails, and can be supplied in any configuration from 1 to 10 rails.


The SHB21 Sleeper Handler is primarily designed as an attachment for lorry self-loading cranes.

The device is adjustable to cope with a wide range of sleeper widths, depths and lengths. Wear pads are fi tted to reduce damage from exposed reinforcing rods common to continental sleepers.

Adjustment is simple and damage to the sleepers is prevented by the fitment of rubber protectors to the contact areas.

The device may be supplied fitted with a hydraulic rotator or a simple swivel hook attachment point.


Thomson Engineering manufacture a wide range of sleeper spreader beams.

Designs are available for handling 4, 7, 8, 14 or 28 sleepers according to application; either self powered and radio controlled or linked to the crane’s hydraulic system.

All our models feature light, rigid fabricated subframes, strong lifting legs and soft contact pads to eliminate damage to the sleepers.


The Sleeper Manipulator is designed for the precision handling and placement of steel, concrete and timber sleepers.

Interchangeable jaw pads are supplied: urethane lined for concrete, patterned for timber and with base bar for steel sleepers.

Jaws open to 400mm and close to 200mm to accommodate all sleeper types and the 500 kg Safe Working Load allows this grab to handle even the longest bearers.

Pressure control, fitted as standard, prevents overloading of the grab mechanism.


The Concrete Sleeper Pack Grabs have a unique design which allows them to be quickly and easily adjusted to handle 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 layers of sleepers.

The unique, hydraulically-adjusted top plate allows the grab to be set for the required number of layers in a matter of moments.

With a 10,000kg Safe Working Load this is an extremely heavy duty unit which can be fi tted with standard or heavy duty rotators and adapter heads to suit excavators up to 50 tonnes.


The Thomson Plate Grab is designed for handling short lengths of rail, packs of steel sleepers and single concrete sleepers.

The only plate grab to come with easily removable soft gripper pads which prevent damage to concrete sleepers.

Jaws open wide for stability in transport yet close to touch for gripping small items.

Available with jaw depths of 400mm, 600mm or 800mm and a variety of rotators and adapters to suit all machines and cranes.


The TCSG16 Sleeper Grab is designed for use in the haulage and delivery of concrete, steel and timber sleepers.

Specifically designed for use with truck cranes.

The delicate surfaces of concrete sleepers are protected by the soft grip pads.

A pilot operated check valve secures the cylinder against hose failure for extra safety.

Computer Aided Engineering has been used extensively to minimise the weight of this product without compromising strength or performance.


The Thomson Universal Lifting Beam is the industry standard device for tandem lifting of track panels.

Rated to 10,000kg Safe Working Load each beam is factory tested to 20,000kg and designed to withstand even higher dynamic loads.

Built-in pressure control and automatic locking of the jaws whilst lifting ensures that this beam is extremely safe in use.

The jaws themselves can be rotated to convert this beam into a rail beam.

Hydraulic rotator version available.


Where track panels have to be recovered and stacked under live overhead equipment, every inch of headroom is vital.

The Low Headroom Panel Beams have a hitch point just a few millimeters above the level of the rail head, maximising headroom to maximise the number of panels which can be stacked on a wagon in tunnels and under overhead wires.

With a Safe Working Load of 10 tonnes, load sensing safety valves and check valves on both cylinders these beams are the safe answer to panel handling in lowheadroom situations.


Handling track panels up to 10m long and 6,000kg in weight is easily and quickly done using the Small Panel Handler.

At 4.5m long this beam minimises defl ection of the panel.

Its heavy duty 10,000 kg capacity hydraulic rotator gives the operator precision control of the beam and load.

Each jaw unit incorporates a ‘Red-Flag’ indicator to alert the operator to the status of the jaws.


For plain line panels up to 20m long, weighing up to 12,000 kg the Heavy Panel Handler is the solution to single lift handling.

The Heavy Panel Handler has all the safety features of our lifting beams: load sensing safety valve, pressure control, check valves on all cylinders and a significant design safety factor.

This all adds up to a powerful and reliable tool built for long service.

This beam can be ordered with straight or arched centre section, a variety of lengths and gauges.


For tandem lifting of track panels with cranes which do not have a hydraulic service available the hook beam is the solution.

Each beam has a safe working load of 10 tonnes and is fi tted with a swivel head and shackle for attaching to the crane hook.

The narrow hooks can be made to penetrate the ballast by using the handle to ‘saw’ the beam.

When used to load track panels onto a train or lorry they can eliminate the need for a man to climb onto the load to disconnect chains.


For plain line panels up to 20m long, weighing up to 14,000kg this beam has been specifically designed for use with gantry and portable cranes.

Different models are available to suit twin hook and single hook cranes.

The hook design simply slides on and off the panel.

Beams are custom made to order to suit the dimensions and capacity of your crane.


The E-Clip De-Clipper is the ideal solution for the rapid removal of Pandrol E and PR clips.

Spring loaded hooks snatch out the clips as the machine is propelled along the track.

The machine incorporates fail-safe brakes, automatic marker lights and a hydraulic hook raising mechanism for rail travel.

Adapter heads are available to suit all types of road rail machine.


The Mk3 Fastclip attachment is the industry standard machine in the UK.

Simple to set and operate, hard to break and simple to service and maintain this machine is always popular with operators.

The machine is equipped with the fastest and simplest to use sleeper lifter in its class.

In the hands of a skilled operator rates of 60 sleepers per minute are regularly achieved on rail stressing work.

The latest models can be specified for 3rd and 4th rail operation.


Laying geotextiles becomes easier and quicker using Geotextile Handlers.

Originally developed for use with Geosand textile which is too heavy for manual laying the concept has now been extended and the latest model will handle all geotextile rolls up to 6m wide.

The roll of fabric is supported on steel spindles which run in tapered roller bearings. These are inserted into the ends of the roll using hydraulic cylinders.

The whole operation is practically effortless for the ground staff leading to reduced fatigue and risk.


The Multi Bag Carrier is available in three types: two bag or four bag rigid models and a four bag model with two de-mountable arms for use as either a two or four bag unit.

All models can be supplied with either 600mm or 1000mm Bag Carriers and have a Safe Working Load of 2,000kg per bag.

The Multi Bag Carrier is built for long term use and is fully CE marked and LOLER certificated so it meets all the legal requirements.


The Cable Handling Yoke is the most efficient way to handle cable drums and to lay cable using an excavator crane.

By withdrawing two retaining pins the drum shaft is released from the Yoke.

Fit the drum shaft to the cable drum and pick it up with the Yoke. Lock the retaining pins and you are ready to lay the cable.

The Yoke can even be fi tted with a hydraulic rotator to help position the drum when used just for drum handling. Can be made to suit any range of drum sizes and weights.


Thomson Cable Thimbles are designed to be suspended from the lifting hook of an excavator crane to guide the cable off the drum.

A soft polyurethane roller running on low friction bearings ensures that the cable is carefully handled.

To disconnect the thimble without cutting the cable the roller can be easily removed from the frame.

Single, twin and multiple roller versions are available to order.


The Instant Barrier System is the simplest and quickest way to mark out the limits of a work site or to warn of hazards in the rail environment.

The unique rail head clamp simply push fits onto the rail to securely attach the posts to BS113A, CEN60 and Bullhead rail. It is removed just as easily by simply lifting the post.

Single strap, twin strap and rigid rail designs are available as well as a range of accessories including lights and warning lamps.


For safely on and off -tracking road rail vehicles without risk of damage to the rail there is no better solution than the Traxess system.

Installed in under twenty minutes the fabricated steel decking can take any vehicle or machine up to 30 tonnes.

Steel tracks or rubber tyres make no diff erence with Traxess.

Each system comes in a custom made stillage for ease of transport. Loaded stillages can be stacked up to six high for transport or storage.


The Signal Post Grab is the ideal solution to handling round posts.

The jaws are lined with specially formulated polyurethane pads which give a high level of grip without damaging the galvanized surface of the post.

Models are available with or without rotators and with fi xed or tilt heads.

Models without rotators are ideal for use with excavators equipped with tilt-rotators.

Twin grip cylinders protected against hose failure by pilot operated check valves ensure that the grab is safe in operation.


The Signal Post Crane makes light work of changing coloured light signal heads, junction indicators and associated equipment.

The crane is made in 1.8m and 0.9m sections which fi t together and clamp to the signal post and which can cater for any signal post height.

A high quality certifi cated hand winch is used to lower the old signal head to the ground and to raise the new one.


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