Rolling Stock Train Operators

The Challenges Of Modern Fleet Management

Making sure that your fleet is safe, reliable, cost effective, and an attractive proposition for train operators is a constant challenge.

Challenges such as how to:

  • drive competitiveness to keep you and your clients profitable
  • meet train operator demands and keep your fleets an attractive proposition
  • deal with the threats and opportunities posed by innovation
  • improve train reliability and availability
  • enhance your fleet’s residual value
  • meet legislative requirements
  • handle obsolescence

We recognise that these essential technical, logistical and management performance challenges can draw heavily on limited internal resources and demand new efficiencies and innovation from the supply chain.

Why you should use Unipart Rail

Support That Delivers Ongoing Value to Rolling Stock Operators and Train Operating Companies

Experienced in working alongside the world’s leading rolling stock leasing companies and train operating companies, we understand your business intimately. We know your challenges. We understand them. And we know exactly what it takes to meet them, to deliver long lasting and profitable fleet support.

Our comprehensive support helps you focus on maximising the value of your fleet and meeting the needs of your customers while we deliver new operational and supply chain efficiencies.

  • Assurance around safety, quality and standards compliance for all parts and services.
  • Asset Management including Condition Based Maintenance technology and Obsolescence Management support to reduce cost of ownership for operators and maintains fleet viability.
  • Innovation that addresses important issues around carbon, capacity, cost and customer experience.
  • Lean operations and an efficient consolidated supply chain ensuring parts are available when and where they are needed to maximise train uptime and availability.
  • Continued Service Operation (CSO) – identification and support around those risk parts needed to keep trains in operation till the end of lease.

Unipart Rail’s service is underpinned by significant investment in processes, systems and a team specialising in new product development, customer service, supplier management and engineering. Our dedicated engineering team ensures supplied products are safe and meet standards and legislative requirements.

Our continual innovation and investment in people and systems sees us lead in the development of the Condition Based Supply Chain to deliver new train operator and maintenance operations efficiencies.

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Case Studies


Door Diagnostics

The Door Diagnostics Unit (DDU) enables remote monitoring of train doors through the use of inductively coupled telemetry. It is a low cost solution that delivers “health indicators” on the doors that allow effective and targeted interventions to be made.

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Code Conversion Unit

The new Unipart Rail Code Conversion Unit has been proven in service to improve reliability, reduce power consumption, reduce mass and reduce potential failure modes.

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Eurostar - Re-usable kitting solution

Eurostar required a solution for the supply of materials that would reduce time, procurement activities and storage optimisation. Unipart Rails re-useable kitting system significantly reduced the time taken to complete the overhaul operation.

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