Endorsed by the rail industry, IsoGlaze is a new de-icing product formulated specifically for the railway.

Currently, rail operators generally use rock salt or salt to remove the dangers of ice and snow on platforms, car parks and access roads and pathways, however, it has been used primarily due to its perceived low cost and the historical absence of suitable alternatives.

Inherent problems with rocksalt include the fact that it is highly corrosive to infrastructure and rolling stock, it can cause train doors to jam resulting in train delays, it is highly toxic to vegetation, plant life and small animals and has to be applied in extremely large quantities in order to be effective.

IsoGlaze is different…

Developed through a unique combination of science and technology, IsoGlaze is the first of its type on the market – a high performance winter de-icer designed specificially for the rail industry.

1 bag of IsoGlaze is equivalent to 6 bags of rocksalt

Lasts for up to 48 hours – twice as long as rocksalt

Heats up immediately on contact with ice and snow

Less applications are required

0 %

Less corrosive to metal, rail tracks rolling stock

0 %

Less damaging to concrete

0 %

 Less toxic than alternative products

All of these elements combined, result in IsoGlaze being the perfect choice for rail operators.

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