Rail Construction and Maintenance

Unipart Rail is your performance improvement partner for construction and maintenance projects.

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

The most technically advanced range of MEWPs available across the global rail industry.

Rail & Track Handling Solutions

Innovative global solutions and specialised equipment for railway maintenance and repair projects.

Rail Worker Safety

Improving safety with advanced products designed to protect track workers and reduce the risk of incidents.

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

The most innovative and technically advanced MEWPs available.

Unipart Rail is working in partnership with Rail Products, designer, developer
and manufacturer of specialist rail borne Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs).
Working in conjunction with Manitou, Rail Products have launched four new

machines developed with the latest green technology to lower emissions and reduce environmental impact.

Offering a variety of flexible options, including the only MEWP available with a 360 degree basket rotation, the Rail Products range is the most innovative and technically advanced available across the global rail industry.

Rail & Track Handling Solutions

Innovative global solutions and equipment for railway maintenance and repair projects.

Unipart Rail and Thomson Engineering Design are working in partnership to deliver innovative solutions to improve the safety, productivity and efficiency of railway maintenance and repair projects on a worldwide basis.
The extensive range of equipment is designed to fit with almost all existing global based Road Rail Vehicles (RRVs) and rail based equipment, and can be modified to fit within an existing range, offering complete flexibility.
The product range covers all parts of the rail infrastructure including handling equipment for rails, sleepers and track panels as well as solutions for clipping and de-clipping, ballast and trackbed, cable and electrification, signals and crossings, barriers and access, adaptor heads and road haulage.

Rail Worker Safety

Improving track worker safety with enhanced communication and awareness.


Tended and Unipart Rail are changing the worker safety landscape by combining cutting-edge satellite technology and wearable devices to alert rail workers to centimetre accuracy if they approach an unsafe area. This helps workers regain situational awareness and nudge them into safer behaviours over time.

The system requires no infrastructure and is incredibly quick and simple to set up, saving valuable project time. Backed by behavioural science and with useful features built in, including rail industry map overlays, safe access point mapping and approval workflows, you can plan and deliver safer, more efficient and cost-effective projects.


The EAVE FocusLite technology enhances worker safety by providing ear protection and situational awareness, as well as ensuring safe onsite communication. Noise data is also collected, allowing for site-wide noise level measurement, and the ability to track individual workers’ noise exposure.

The FocusLite Headset measures internal and external noise levels, with built-in speakers and microphones that allow communication and full situational awareness.

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